Welcome to the Mouse to Minx adventure.

If your name is on the list you are in our club!

You will now be the first to hear about new product launches, our concessions, events and outings.

When you join the club you can also get a free badge and club card because we value our members and customers. If you wear your club badge to any events at which we are appearing* this will entitle you to a discount on your purchase on the day. So don't forget to leave your address so that we can post your badge.

If you are curious to know your Mouse to Minx personality (and who wouldn't like to know if they are a Daphne, a Dulcie or  a Doris?), you can take our quick quiz below and we will write to you with your Minx Club personality profile.

*retail concessions are not included in this member perk
* indicates required
If you would like to receive your free Minx Club badge (to wear with pride and get discounts at our events) then do let us have your address here. Remember to leave your last name too, so that we can address your parcel properly. Thank you.
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